Club Championship Weekend

Congratulations to all of the golfers who competed over the weekend.

Please see the results for the Club Championship:

Junior Boys- Nick Ritchie #Kernelkernel
Pee Wee Boys – Tristan Frenette
Junior Girls – Diggy Mannette
Pee Wee Girls – Daphne Taylor
Ladies – Barb Dempster
Senior Men – Ron Moore

Thank you and Congratulations to all our of Champions!!…/d35de8ce-ae61-11e9-9df0…/1

Also Congratulations to our All Hampton Team of Juniors who will compete in the Junior Elite Tour at Westfield on July 29th (and Riverside/Hampton Aug 12th and 26th)
Nick Ritchie, Keegan Miller, Cole Pender, Jacob Rockwood, Isaac Hierlihy, Grant Richards, Tristan Frenette and Edison Caines!
#JuniorGolf #leadthepack #dontlookback #memberowned