Ladies News

Hampton Ladies Golf 2019

Winter is over, the course is in good shape and it is time to shine up the golf shoes. The ladies executive has been already at work to bring you another great year of golf for 2019.

Members will already be aware of the many membership options in 2019 and the ladies hope to welcome some new members from these new dues structure. If you know any ladies who would like to golf but just couldn’t find a time, have them check out what is now available.

Our year will start officially May 25th, with a breakfast meeting and scramble. A signup sheet is on the Ladies notice board. For any new members this opening day is a great way to meet other ladies, the meeting is not too long and the golf is totally for fun. As for breakfast, who doesn’t like someone else cooking breakfast?

Here is the line for 2019

May 25th            Opening Scramble

May 27th             Monday Madness starts

May 29th             Ladies Day starts. This year several Ladies Day will feature a fun game within your game.

June 4th               International Ladies Day of Golf

July 17th              Joan Mott Invitational

August 14th         Hampton goes to Westfield ( Home and away)

Sept 4th              Westfield comes to Hampton (Home and away)   

Sept 6th                Triple Six Invitational

Sept 29th              Closing Scramble

Other Activities

Monday nights are Ladies Learn to Golf. Group lesson, Nine-holes of golf.

Wednesday nights are Business Ladies golf night and Ladies Beginners group lessons.

For new golfers, please forward your email address and phone number to Carolyn Kimball for the contact list. You can reach me at 849-9618 or or see me on the course. The list is a work in progress and your contact information is important to us.

2019 Executive

Carolyn Kimball, President

Sue Dawe, Vice President

Thresa Dunn, Secretary

Margot Clark, Treasurer

Vivian Bhola, Match Captain

Pat Case, Match Captain

Lorraine Brown, Past President