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Hampton Ladies Golf 2019

2019 Hampton Ladies Golf mid season update

With the season in full swing ( get it, full swing?) it is time for a bit of an update on the ladies side of things.

With the many options for joining Hampton Golf Club, we hope the Lifestyle memberships Business Ladies, Monday and Wednesday night golf lessons and the 9 hole memberships along with the weekday and full member choices are catering to as many people as possible.

Ladies Day is held on Wednesdays as usual. The cost for ladies day is $3.00 per person. We have a chip in prize as well as over all winners each week. The winner is not always based on gross and net, sometimes we have counted putts, we have had blind partners, upcoming  watch for blind holes and more. Each week we try to have different ladies offer to convene that week’s game. The signup sheet is in the ladies locker room for you to help in convening a week. Directions for conveners are in the cupboard in the ladies locker room.

Our Joan Mott Invitational Tournament was a great success once again. 90 participants took part in this fun scramble. Congratulations to all the winners. Barb Dempster and Margo Clark from Hampton were the overall winners. A big thank you goes to all the sponsors of this tournament. Of course things don’t just happen without leadership. Thank you to Vivian Bhola and Lorraine Brown for organizing this Invitational.

The ladies have initiated a 50/50 ticket draw this year. We always welcome volunteers to sell tickets, one week on Monday during Monday Madness and the next week on Ladies Day.

Still to come in 2019

 August 20th is skills night. Travis will have a mini course set up on the lower putting green. Last year was a hoot and I am sure this year will not disappoint. Bring a lawn chair crazy socks and wild earrings. Signup sheet will be up shortly.

 August 21st Westfield will host the home and home. Signup sheet is in the ladies locker room.

 September 4th Hampton will host Westfield in our home and home. Details to follow

 September 7. Triple Six Invitational More details to follow.

September 29 Closing meeting scramble and dinner

Guest Day is the last Wednesday of each month. You are welcomed and encouraged to invite a guest to play on that day for only $25.00 and the $3.00 prize money if they wish.

Ladies Executive

Carolyn Kimball president

Sue Dawe vice president

Margot Clark treasurer 

Thresa Dunn secretary 

Vivian Bhola match captain

Pat Case asst. match     

Lorraine Brown past pres.