Senior Men’s News & By Laws

Hampton Senior Men- 2020

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19 regulations and guidelines put in place, Senior Men’s group will adapt to a “no shotgun start” as required for the 2020 golf season.  The Senior Committee, in coordination with the Hampton Golf Club, have set a start date of Tuesday June 2, 2020. The Senior Men’s group will all start from #1 tee, using dedicated tee times assigned to each group by the senior committee.

1) There will be no paper sign- up sheet allowed to be posted this season. All registered senior members for 2020 will be added to the tee sheet weekly, unless they notify Paul Cormier , and cc both  Mike Goguen  and Brian Sleath no later than Saturday previous at 12 noon, that they cannot play.  For those that do not have e-mail, a friend or golfing partner can e-mail for them.

2) REGISTRATION: The cost of joining the Senior Men’s group in 2020 will be $10.00. To register yourself and a friend without e-mail, send the e-mail to Mike Goguen  noting that you want to register. To avoid heavy traffic in the pro shop, the senior committee will make a list of those that register. The list will be sent to the pro shop, and they will charge $10.00 to their Hampton accounts. That account can be paid at the member’s convenience, preferably when the pro shop is not congested. The registration fee is a guarantee that only registered seniors will have access to the morning dedicated tee times on Tuesday.  For more information on the registration fee, scroll down to “Membership Registration & Dues” section.

3) Handicaps for all the players will be calculated based on Senior Tuesday scoring results. This season, the best 3 of the last 7 scores will be used to calculate a handicap for the seniors. However, it is advised that you post all your scores on the Golf Canada website in order to maintain a valid handicap, as per their handicap rules.

4) Higher handicap seniors may have the option of playing from the forward tees (subject to the approval of the committee). The handicaps for the forward tees will be adjusted accordingly to allow them to compete on an equal level with those playing from the senior tees.

5) Tri-Club tournament will be suspended for the 2020 season. Due to no shotgun starts, gathering of large groups, etc., all participating clubs have agreed to forego the Tri-Club event in 2020.

6) The Match Play tournament, the Senior Men’s Golf League competition and the Par 3 Tournament are suspended for the 2020 golf season.

7) Covid-19 regulations and guidelines will be reviewed periodically by both the senior committee and the HGC as the season progresses.  The Senior Men’s group will adapt to the regulations and guidelines, and make adjustments to all programs to meet and follow the rules and regulations.




Aims & objectives:

To organize weekly competitions for the group who play for the love of the game, and wish to vary their scope of playing partners while enjoying the friendship of their peers.


The Committee shall consist of a Chairman (elected) & Vice-chairman, as well as other committee members deemed necessary to properly run all functions of the Hampton Senior Men’s Group.

Membership Regulations & Dues:

Open to all senior men who are 55 years of age, who pay an annual registration fee set at the Annual Meeting and play with the group on a regular basis. The registration fee is used for yearly expenses, and to subsidize the end of year luncheon banquet.                 Covid-19 regulations and guidelines may make it difficult to stage a luncheon banquet at the end of this season.  The Senior Men’s committee will review the possibility as the season progresses. If a luncheon can proceed, the $10.00 registration fee paid this season will go towards the cost of the meal for those that wish to attend.  If a luncheon cannot be organized, the registration money collected this season will be left in the bank account and give the senior group a healthy head start for the 2021 season.  The $10.00 will be used as a down payment for next season registration fee.

Rules of Play & Weekly Competition regulations:

The regular rules of golf shall be used at all times except:

Senior Men’s Golf Rules:To promote faster pace of play

– A ball which enters the woods or crosses the out of bounds stakes, may be played from a drop point of two club lengths (not nearer the hole) from the point where the ball entered the woods or went out of bounds. There will be a penalty of one stroke added to your score.

– A maximum score of 3 over par on any hole. Once that maximum score is reached, the player can pick up the ball without finishing the hole. ie: Par 3 holes (max score 6) Par 4 holes (max score 7) Par 5 holes (max score 8) Par 6 holes (max score 9)

– There are no rakes in the sand bunkers this year, therefore a local bunker rules will be in effect for 2020. If the ball lands in a footprint or other indentation, the player may move the ball to a smooth lie in the sand, no closer to the hole and play it from the new position in the sand without penalty.

Weekly Competition Prizes: 2020

Only registered & qualified members of the Hampton Senior Men’s Group may play in the weekly competitions. Registered members can play for the camaraderie, fun and love of the game, or pay $5.00 to play for the weekly competition for top gross & net scores, as well as skins in each of the 4 handicap divisions.  There will be no closest to the pin awards this season.

Prior to the first Tuesday on June 2, the committee will ask all registered seniors if they will pay to play weekly. If so, the $5.00 will be deducted automatically from their Hampton money account, each Tuesday that they play golf.

All prize winners for senior competitions will have that money deposited into their Hampton club account.


 Weekly Tuesday Regulations: 2020

  • The regular day of play is Tuesday.
  •  The starter will be allowed to give one (1) scorecard per group.
  • The group shall select a scorekeeper. The scorekeeper will put the tee time on top of the scorecards.
  • At the completion of the round, the scorekeeper will drop off  the completed scorecard to the pro shop attendant.

Weekly Draw and Tee Sheet   

  • Once the draw and tee sheet is completed, Paul will e-mail it to all of the seniors. If a member or members cannot play on Tuesday, please inform Paul  so the tee sheet can be adjusted prior to posting it online.

Tee Time Cancellation(Prior to Tuesday)

(A) To cancel a whole group, please call Paul Cormier – 847-7810 or send an e-mail  or Mike Goguen  so the tee sheet can be adjusted and the pro shop can be notified of the changes ASAP.

(B) To cancel Individual members: please call Paul Cormier – 847-7810  or e-mail  or Mike Goguen   to enable them to fill empty spaces in the draw.

Tee Time Cancellation(On Tuesday Morning)

Please call the pro shop to let them know that you cannot make your tee time. They in turn will inform one of our committee members.

NOTE: The Golf Shop has been instructed not to book tee-times, or cancel prior to Tuesday.  If the Pro Shop is called, they will ask the member to e-mail Paul or Mike, or the pro shop will e-mail the information to Paul or Mike.


The Hampton Senior Men’s Committee 2020;

Chairman Mike Goguen
 Vice Chairman                                   Match Play Coordinator Brian Sleath
Tri-Club Committee Coordinator Stan Brown
League Coordinator Paul Cormier
Weekly Money Bank Deposit Barry Grimmer
Sign Up and Weekly Tee Sheet


Mike Goguen
Brian Sleath
Tri-Club Committee Associate Mickey Valiquette


NOTE:  The Tri-Club has been suspended for the 2020 golf season.


1) The three participating golf clubs will be: Hampton, Riverside and Westfield. Senior Men are a minimum 55 years of age and either retired or semi-retired.

2) These tournaments are open to all male golfers who have paid and registered within the “Seniors Group” of their home club and who have played at least 2 games with that group.

3) The dates for each event will be scheduled by the Senior Coordinators from each club. The normal rotation based on past years is: Westfield and Hampton and Riverside.

4) Rain dates will be rescheduled by agreement of the Senior Coordinators.

5) All events are shotgun starts starting at 8:30am.

6) The tournaments will use either forward tees or senior tees to facilitate speed of play.

7) Private power carts may be used on all courses free of charge during these three events.

8) Entrance fees must be paid prior to the event to each club’s Senior Coordinator and brought to the host club on the date of the event.

9) The cost per golfer will be $40.00 for a visiting golfer. The amount for a golfer playing his home course will be at the discretion of the home course. The money will be disbursed as each club sees fit, but generally $25 is allocated for the meal and $15 to the host club for prizes. Pull carts are no charge and power cart rental costs are the responsibility of the player using the cart.

10) Should a golfer cancel at least 24 hrs before the event, the procedure will be to try and replace him. Failing the attempt, the affected golfer will not receive a refund.

11) The maximum number of golfers at any event will be 128 unless otherwise decided by the host club. The visiting clubs will be allocated a minimum of 42 slots each, but could receive more if necessary to fill the field.

12) List of players will be provided to the host club 3-days prior to the day of play.

13) The tournaments will have 3 divisions of approximately 42 players based on the submitted handicaps. Players with the same handicaps will be placed in the same division.

14) There will be a grand total of 22 prizes (designated by the host committee) for each event. The prize distribution for each division will be two (2) gross and four (4) net. There will also be four (4) closest to the hole prizes for the entire field. The gross and net prizes will all be of equal value and identical provided by the host club pro shop. The prizes will be awarded in order of merit highest to lowest alternating between gross, net and the 3 divisions.                                                                    The Pro at each will be asked to distribute the prizes with help from the host organizing committee.

15) Rollovers are allowed from tee to green within the dimensions of a scorecard. One stroke penalty for a lost ball, unplayable lie,  or out-of-bounds. Player is allowed to place a ball within 2 club lengths of nearest relief. All balls are to be played into the hole. Any other local rules will be decided by the host club on the day of the tournament.

16) Preliminary list of players with handicaps and who needs a cart will be given to the host club on Friday before the event with the finalized list given 3-days prior to the event.

17) The Tri-Club Committee includes:

A. Westfield Gary MacFarlane 651-7440
Philip L Reeves


Dave Greason




B. Riverside Richard Osepchook 849-9568
Dean Turner 214-0855
C. Hampton Stan Brown 832-2705
Mike Goguen 696-1466
Mickey Valiquette  847-7317