Senior Men’s News & By Laws

Hampton Senior Men’s Golf Association-2022
Welcome to the 2022 Golf Season. We are looking forward to a great golf
season, and a return to the Tuesday morning shotgun start.

Senior Men’s Weather Advisory

Early on Tuesday morning, the senior committee will determine whether to cancel our shotgun start due to inclement weather. The weather radar will be monitored prior to 06:15, and a final decision on a go or no go will be made prior to 06:30.

If the golf is cancelled, each member on the tee sheet will be advised via e-mail, and a cancellation notice will be posted on top of the tee sheet on chrono golf.

The pro shop will remove the tee times when the golf is cancelled, and that will trigger a cancellation notice on email as well.

Members can call the pro shop to find out if golf is on or off if they have to leave their resident prior to 06:30.

Any match play matches affected by weather will be rescheduled to a later date.

Membership Regulations & Dues:
The Hampton Senior Men’s Golf Association (HSMGA) is open to all senior men who are 55 or older, or minimum 50 years of age and fully retired. Senior members must have a Hampton 18-hole golf membership, in order to join this group.

The cost of joining the Seniors Men’s GA is $20.00 payable to any member of the executive. A table will be set up at the Hampton Club open house April 23 for those that want to pay the registration fee.  A table will also be set up on Tuesday mornings for the first few weeks as well for those members that wish to join the Senior Men’s GA.

Weekly Competition Prizes:
Only registered members may play in the weekly competitions. Registered
members can play for the camaraderie, fun and love of the game, or play
competitively by paying $5.00 to play for the competition of closest to the
pins for the par 3’s, top gross & net scores, and skins in each of the four handicap divisions.  To enter the weekly competition, the money is paid in cash at the registration table set up on Tuesday morning.

All prize winners for senior competitions will have the money deposited into
their Hampton club account.

Senior Men’s Information:

1) The first Senior Men’s golf day is scheduled for Tuesday May 10 for a two-man scramble, weather and course condition permitting.

2) Handicaps for all the players will be calculated based on Senior Tuesday scoring results. As in previous season, the best 3 of the last 7 scores will be used to calculate a handicap for Tuesday scoring. However, it is advised that you post all your scores on the Golf Canada website in order to maintain a valid handicap, to be eligible to play in tournaments, including the Hampton Senior Men’s Club Championship.

3) Higher handicap players have the option of playing from the Silver/Bronze – Hybrid tees, or the Bronze tees (subject to the approval of the committee). They will be competing on an equal level with players playing from the silver tees, within their handicap division.

4) The Hampton Senior Invitational will play on Tuesday, June 28 with a 1:00pm shotgun start. You must decide whether to play in the morning with the Senior Men’s or in the afternoon for the Hampton Senior Invitational. Due to the Invitational tournament rules, one cannot play both morning and afternoon.

5) We are returning to a Tuesday shotgun start, therefore a Match Play tournament, a Team Challenge competition, as well as other tournaments such as a 2-man Best Ball, 2-man scramble, and a 2-man Triple 6 will be held throughout the year. We are also planning a Par 3 Tournament in the early Fall. Details for those events, including formats, costs and dates will be e-mailed to all members and posted on the bulletin board in the men’s locker room throughout the year.

6) All registered members will be automatically added to the tee sheet weekly. If they cannot play, they will have to phone or e-mail Mickey Valiquette in order to cancel for that week or future weeks.

Mickey Valiquette – or phone 847-7317

Michael Goguen or phone 696-1466

The Golf Pro Shop will not cancel a player on the Tuesday tee sheet. With a shotgun start, if you only know last minute that you cannot play, please let Mickey know prior to Sunday.

See rules for cancellations in Senior Rules of Play

The Hampton Senior Men’s Golf Association – By Laws & Regulations for 2022

Aims & objectives:
(1) To organize weekly tournaments for those who play for the love of the game, and wish to vary their scope of playing partners while enjoying the friendship of their peers.
(2) To organize other events which may include other club members, or other golf clubs in the area.
(3) If you and a power cart partner, or you and a partner wish to play together throughout the season, this will be possible.  Make the intentions known to Mickey Valiquette prior to the start of the season, or anytime during the season.   A season long threesomes and foursomes will not be entertained as per (1).

The Committee shall consist of a Chairman (elected) & Vice-Chairman, as well as other committee members deemed necessary to properly run all functions of the Hampton Senior Men’s Golf Association.

Senior Men’s Rules of Play:
The rules of golf shall be used at all times for play except:
– In Order To promote faster play

  1. a) A ball which enters the woods, or crosses the out of bounds stakes may be
    played from a drop point of two club lengths (not nearer the hole) from the
    point where the ball entered the woods or went out of bounds. There will be a
    penalty of one stroke added to your score.
    b) A Maximum score of 3 over par on any hole.
    c) Once that maximum score is reached, the player can pick up the ball without finishing the hole. Other than this scenario, all putts must be holed out to be fair to your fellow competitors, who are playing for prize money.
    d) NOTE: A ball entering the water hazard on #13, must be dropped behind the water hazard, not on the side, as in regular play.

Rules For Fun and Competitive Play:

Fun Rules: Since the Seniors that opt to just play for fun, and not focused so much on the scoring, the rules are relaxed so they can roll the ball over, chose not to putt out etc. if they so wish. Their scores are used for the stats, but will not be eligible for any prize money.

Competitive Rules: Seniors that opt to pay for play competitively for money, must abide by the rules of Golf, and the local Senior rules for Tuesday. This is to protect the integrity of the competition and to be fair to all the competitors.

1) All Putts must be holed out, no exception
2) No roll overs in the fairways or rough, unless winter rules are in play. **

**Winter rules: If and when the course is deemed very wet, and the ball has a
potential of picking up mud, lift, clean and place will be in effect. The ball can be marked, picked up, cleaned and replaced within a 9-iron length from its original position, but placed in the same cut of grass.

Winter Rules will be in effect only when it is proclaimed prior to the start of play. The person picking up the scorecard from the starter or at the registration table will be notified of the ruling for the day. If in doubt, ask one of the Committee members or the pro shop staff.

Weekly Regulations:
(1) The regular day of play is Tuesday.
(2) The registration fee is used for yearly expenses, and to subsidize the year end BBQ, luncheon and or banquet.
The $20.00 registration fee will go towards the cost of the meal for those that
wish to attend the year end event.
Those that want to enter the optional Match Play and optional Team Challenge, the cost is $10.00 for each event.
The weekly 50/50 draw is used towards year end prizes and other expenses. Cost is 1 ticket for $2.00 or 3 tickets for $5.00

(3) The Golf Shop has been instructed not to book or cancel tee-times for Senior Men’s Tuesday events. Mickey Valiquette will be drawing up the tee sheet for each Tuesday, so he can be contacted for bookings.
(4) Tee Time Cancellations: Prior to Tuesday, please call Mickey Valiquette at 847- 7317 or e-mail at  or Mike Goguen at 696-1466, or e-mail as soon as possible to enable an adjustment to fill empty spaces in the draw. If you have to cancel on Tuesday morning,
please call the pro shop, and they will in turn notify one of the committee
members at the registration table.
(5) Score Cards: All completed score cards to be given to a member of the Senior Men’s Golf Committee upstairs. All members of a group will not count if we don’t receive a completed scorecard.
Committee members usually sit at a restaurant table after the round of golf to receive the score cards. If the scorer forgets to turn a card in, they can scan or take a picture of the card and forward it to Brian Sleath via e-mail to
(6) Handicaps for regular weekly events will be based on Tuesday scoring only.
Players must post their scores in Golf Canada scoring system in order to establish a handicap for participating in any NB sanctioned or club tournament. There is a shared computer in the lower level of the clubhouse to input the scores.

(7) Senior Member Visiting Guest Rule:
a) A Senior’s guest cannot be a member of the Hampton Golf Club. If a
Hampton member would like to play on the occasional Tuesday, and meets
the age criteria, then he can pay the $20.00 dues and play as many times as
he wishes.
b) A visiting guest must be at least 50 years of age.
c) A visiting guest can only play once during the season.

  1. d) Preferably, the Senior League member that wishes to invite a guest, will give Mickey Valiquette a few days notice so that the tee sheet can be adjusted to accommodate that guest to play with the member.

The Hampton Senior Men’s Golf Committee 2022

Chairman Mike Goguen

Vice-chairman Brian Sleath

Treasurer Barry Grimmer or Stan Brown

Match Play Coordinator Brian Sleath

Team Challenge Coordinator Paul Cormier

Weekly Scheduling Mickey Valiquette or Paul Cormier

Events Coordinator Stan Brown or Mickey Valiquette