Men’s Night

You can stay up to date at the Hampton Men’s Night web page:


Coles Challenge Sign up – Please do not pay online, we will collect $10 in the Pro Shop

Coles Challenge Rules                                                                

Match Play – Net Best Ball                                                                        


In each match the lowest of the four handicaps receives no strokes.                                                                       

Remaining three players receive the differential to the lowest handicap and take strokes on the appropriate ranked holes.                                                                        

Maximum handicap differential on a team is 8 strokes.                                                                 

On a team with more than a 8 stroke differential the higher handicap player must play to the lower players handicap plus 8 strokes.     If tied after 18 holes sudden death extra holes are to be played starting on hole #1 with the same applicable handicap strokes.                                                                    


Please play round 1 matches by 2-August                                                            

Please play round 2 matches by 23-August                                                                         

Please play round 3 matches by 13-September                                                                 

Please play round 4 matches by 30-September                                                                 

Any matches not played by the required date will be decided by coin flip.       



Hi Everyone!

We are excited to announce the new League structure and format for 2020. We have had tremendous support from the new Men’s Committee consisting of: Bruce Ritchie, Gerry Snodgrass, Tim McRae, Richard Baker and Tournament Coordinator Stu Hazlewood along with Craig Mills and Travis Young. 

The Format:

The League Format will be Singles, with alternating formats, with both formats contributing to the overall league standings by Divisons. 

Men’s Night Format and Schedule
Date Event Format Game
June 4th   Stroke Play Solo
June 11th   Modified Poker Hand
June 18th   Stroke Play Solo
June 25th   Modified Blind Partners
July 2nd   Stroke Play Solo
July 9th   Modified 2 Man Scramble
July 16th   Stroke Play Solo
July 23rd   Modified Poker Hand
July 30th   Stroke Play Solo
August 6th   Modified Mystery Week
August 13th Wanker Stroke Play Solo
August 20th   Modified Blind Partners
August 27th   Stroke Play Solo
Sept 3rd   Modified Tombstone
Sept 6th Tri Club Match Play at Westfield
Sept 13th  Closing Modified 4 Man Scramble
Final 3 Events to be Confirmed*

Score Cards:

Score cards will be handed out by the starter to each group. Please drop off a score card after 9 holes. We cannot having someone coming into the Pro Shop to read off their front 9 scores. 

League Payment:

We will be collecting $15 a week at the Starters Hut with our wireless operation. (I think everyone should pay the same price, and for the same stakes), up to you guys


We will do out best to pay 30% of the field for all league events


Skins – By division

Deuce Pot – By division


Travis will pull a name from a bucket of all player that have played that day, Travis will pull a golf ball from the shag bag, and that prize will be awarded. If that person is not in attendance, the prize will be returned for the same value as purchased and the funds will be put onto their account. We are going to attempt to still do prizes upstairs. 

Tee times: 

Players can play ANYTIME on Thursdays, and we are going to use our Lottery System on a trial basis. We will no longer be taking phone calls at 7am on Tuesdays. Our hope is that with players being able to play all day, that will relieve the high demand later in the day. Please book a regular tee time for Thursday and assign 4 names. Groups that have 1 member name and 3 guests will not be assigned a tee time. Please make a NOTE in your booking that your are booking a men’s night time so we can ensure other Member types do not book into league time. 

(Please note, playing anytime for league play is temporary, and will be adjusted at a later date)

Grass Roots Grill:

Joanna and her staff are excited to get things underway! They just received a green light and will have something available for Men’s night. Menu will be limited week 1. Please be aware we are able to accommodate 52 people inside and approximately 18 players on the deck. Beverage cart will be on course 11am – 7pm. Everyone is encouraged to come and take look at the renovations as well! 

Local Rules:

Play the ball down

Lift clean and place in bunkers (rakes are not permitted on course)

Thank you! 

The Men’s Committee and HGC Team


Men’s Night is sponsored by:


-Moosehead Breweries Limited
and their sales representative.



League Supporter
Callaway Golf
and their regional representative, Tommy Dunn


League Supporters
Napa Auto Parts, Al Perry (Hampton), and Tom May (Saint John).


Good Luck!