Men’s Night


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Hello Gentlemen,

Here is the final outline of Men‘s Night. This is your league and we have listened to a lot of feedback to improve on 2018. 

Teams of 4 – You can pick your own teams until Thursday the 23rd. After that, we will assign all Individual participants to a team. 

No handicap restrictions

Top 2 Net Scores with be the team score – This will create a 9 hole team total. 

ROUND ROBIN – Your team score will be against another team every week, and points will be award to the winning team. 

Teams will be sorted by Divisions, and play within their division until Playoffs. (EX: We could have 6 Divisions, of 5 teams. 120 Players)

—No registration fee—

$1 – 50/50 Paid in Cash

$2 – Deuce Pot Paid onto club account

$2 – Skins Game Paid onto club account

$2 – Paid to Top 3 Teams Weekly Paid on club account

$8 – Prizes Drawn weekly at 9pm

Based on 100 Players

Top 3 Team Payouts – 

1st $60

2nd $40

3rd $20

Individual – Top 6 Net scores of the week

1st $25

2nd $20

3rd $15

4th $10 

5th $5

6th $5

Yearly Scoring average to determine the Hampton Tri-Club Team, to replace the Player of the Year standings.

Anyone who would like to volunteer and assist in running the league, please send your name forward. Any and all help is appreciated. 

Thank you and here’s to a great season!

The Hampton Golf Club Team


Men’s Night runs every Thursday with tee times beginning at 12:00 p.m. The first Men’s Night of the 2019 season is scheduled for Thursday, May 16th. 

To book a tee-time on our Thursday Men’s Night’s, you can now use the HAMPTON GOLF CLUB APP! Available at the App Store.

We still have a phone-in system on Tuesday mornings. Please call (506) 832-3407. The telephone lines open 1-hr prior to the first tee time of the day, on a first come first serve basis.


Men’s Night is sponsored by:


-Moosehead Breweries Limited
and their sales representative.



League Supporter
Callaway Golf
and their regional representative, Tommy Dunn


League Supporters
Napa Auto Parts, Al Perry (Hampton), and Tom May (Saint John).


Good Luck!