Power Cart Policy

Private Cart Owners

Members: To use your own power cart, it must have been registered with us prior to July 1. After that date, if you wish to use a power cart, you must purchase a power cart package from the Golf Shop or rent a cart on a day-to-day basis.

If you had a private cart registered before July 1, 2017, that right is grandfathered allowing you to continue using a private cart as long as you are a member in good standing with us. If you cease to pay trail fees in any one year, or do not continue to be a member for any one year, you relinquish the right to keep a private cart. This right is not transferable.

You must register your cart with the Golf Shop, and show proof of insurance by May 15th. Failure to do so will result in loss of right to use a private cart. The pro shop will assign a designated parking spot in our lower parking area.

Please make sure that your power cart is maintained in good working condition; tires inflated, no oil leaks, no smoke, etc.

Cart Path Only Policy

Under certain conditions a power cart can cause severe damage to the course that can be very costly to repair. When the course superintendent judges that the course is unfit for power carts to be used on the grass, the following policy will be put in place:

Power carts, all four wheels of the cart, must be kept on the cart path. The only exception is hole number 11 that does not have a cart path.

Power Cart Operators with Disability Access Flags

The Board of Directors is pleased that those with health issues can still enjoy the game of golf at Hampton and are supporters of the “universal symbol of access” flags in use. Please note that the access flags that are in use only allow carts to travel a bit closer to greens and tees, but they still do not entitle the carts to travel in certain areas. The golf committee wants to reaffirm the following guidelines which should be adhered to when driving a cart with access flags. They include:

Staying off the edge of tees and greens – Carts have been driven up on the fringes of greens and the back of tee decks and in some cases between the bunkers and greens. The access flag entitles the driver to go past the exit signs when nearing the greens, but they are still not allowed within (15 feet) 5 yards of the collars or fringes. Under no circumstances should a golf cart come within (15 feet) 5 yards of the green, nor should it ever go between the bunkers and the greens. Similarly, the carts are allowed to go on the paths beside the tee decks, but not up on the top or side hills of the tee decks themselves.

The 90 Degree Rule is still in Effect – After teeing off, the carts are to be driven down the cart paths as far as they can until reaching their ball. Then the cart is to travel at 90 degrees over to the ball of the player with a disability. This applies to the par 3 holes as well.

The Access Flag is for the player with a disability – The “other player” riding the golf cart should not be driven to their ball if it is beyond the area where all other golf carts can travel. In other words, the access flag is only for the player with a disability and not for both players, unless both have a disability.

On Days when it is “Cart Path Only” – Please drive only in the high areas, drive 90 degrees to the ball and back to the cart path and then 90 degrees to the ball again, and so on….rather than drive straight up the fairways.

On Days when it is “Cart Path Only – No Exceptions” – On this occasion, no carts, including carts with access flags are allowed to leave the cart paths.

The Following Penalties Will be Applied:

First offence: Verbal Warning
Second offence: Formal Letter from Golf Committee
Third offence: Loss of access flag and privileges for one week.
Fourth offence: Loss of access flag and privileges for one month.
Fifth offence: Loss of access flag and privileges for remainder of season.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed to the golf committee.

Golf Committee: